About Us

AnJi BanBo Bamboo Product Factory locates in AnJi County of Zhejiang Province.It is a professional manufacture of bamboo furniture,it mainly product bamboo honticulture furniture and living furniture.

We take six-year old bamboo(eg Nan Bamboo)as raw material and take new technology in the production.After more than thirty courses of processing line,the processed bamboo material is plane in surface and fouches smoothly.

It has the character of noth-prod and wll never be out of shape.In condition of the lack of wood resource,bamboo furniture is getting more and more popular in the future,not only for it is useful furniture but also it is so beautiful that you will enjoy the traditional Chinese culture.      Our production keeps many excellent speciality of bamboo raw material,such as strong density,durable,fire-proof etc.it also keep the natural colour.

We always uphold the priciple"Good Faith,Quality First,Well mangered".We are look forward to anyone home on abroad.Welcome to our factory!